Once you have purchased a WORD version of the pantomime it is yours to adapt for no extra charge! Just dont make it better and sell it for more money please. Thanks!! 

Jack and the Beanstalk
Still available

Snufflegobbler, the giant/ogre/villain, is up to no good. He is angry and looking for a family to ruin. He picks on the family of Dame Trott and her lazy son, Jack. Doc Marten, the wizard/fairy, sides with Jack and makes sure that good will triumph eventually.


Jack loves living in the West. The WILD WEST set piece is great fun but turns about to be the wrong west!! The bailiffs, Egg and Chips, are sent to tell the Trotts that they will have to leave their cottage and dairy if they do not pay the rent. Odorous Egg, the owner, appears and challenges Jack to get a job by the end of the week or face eviction. He dreams of being a farmer.


Claribelle, the cow, has to be sold but Jack exchanges her for a bag of beans provided by Mr Bean. Dame Trott is furious and throws the beans at Jack. The beans grow into an enormous beanstalk which Jack climbs to escape trouble. He ends up in space and Ogreland – the home of Snufflegobbler. The giant has captured all the villagers and forced them into making beans in his factory. Jack manages to help the villagers escape and, on return to the cottage, finds that the golden eggs can provide enough money for them to stay. Snufflegobbler and his cronies, Frank and Stein, are blown away by the beans!

Alice in Panto Land
Still available

Alice is sitting near a tree, reading a book. She is tired after school and soon falls into a sleep.  A load of RABBITS dance around her while she sleeps. Whilst snoozing, a WHITE RABBIT passes by and disturbs her. She talks to him and they start to have a confusing argument.  He transforms into BUTTONS and leads her UNDERWATER (set piece)!


The adventure begins, unlike in Alice in Wonderland, with a magic carpet ride, courtesy of the Genie! He takes her to the lake of tears where we find some Pantomime Princesses who do not behave in the normal way!


Recovering from the underwater escapades, the Genie whisks Alice along to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party where it is populated with Pantomime baddies who are clearly mad and bad. The scene is introduced by another set piece – BE OUR GUEST.


Shaking off the villains, Alice next finds herself at a croquet match that is populated with idiots! Silly Billy, Idle Jack, Widow Twankey, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum introduce Alice to a whole range of SPORTS (set piece).


Evidence is called for from the POLICE (set piece) and, somehow, Alice emerges from her dream and finds herself back under the tree. ALICE finds herself being accused of wrongdoing by the characters. She, Buttons and the Genie, try to reason with the others. The dream suddenly ends and Alice finds herself asleep under the tree once again.

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