Pantos and drama packs in more detail


CINDERELLA (unmasked). ***NEW FOR 2022***


The storyline is fairly close to the traditional tale and there is a happy ending of course! Cinderella is a dreamer and longs for a prince to come and sweep her away. Accompanied by her father , Baron Skint, and the ever loyal Buttons (whilst hindered by DIY team of Bodger and Grabbit) she meets her two new stepsisters: Covidora and Fluella. A chance meeting with the Prince (in disguise) - and an even greater fluke that the Fairy Godmother was there too - our heroine overcomes adversity and appears resplendent at the masked ball. With opportunities for audience participation and set pieces (maybe choirs or dance troupes) you can be guaranteed a production with good family fun and no new jokes!


The characters from the Nativity story all had journeys to make. Join Mary and Joseph as they are guided (by the SATNAV) to Bethlehem to be joined by Shepherds and Kings. Angels (dressed as nurses, teachers, delivery drivers and cleaners) also appear and are joined by the 4th wise man - the one who missed greeting the baby.

With around 30 possible speaking parts, pauses for your choice of song/carol, and poems for groups to do, enjoy presenting the nativity story in a different style. Travel with your cast and audience until you have reached your destination.


The School Nativity is nowhere near ready! The frazzled teacher has five days to go before the production is shown to parents. It needs five weeks or more!

With mischievous stable animals, chaotic shepherds, dignified kings and unready angels the Nativity takes shape and culminates in a poignant ending. With humour, audience participation, ideas for music, Bible references and 28 main speakers (if required) the story unfolds.  

Anyone who has witnessed or produced a school Nativity will the know the pressures and joys of such events. The production has memories of the chaos that can ensue when working with children but also there is joy and peace within the tinsel turmoil!


Imagine some Italians capturing a cruise ship and forcing them to sail to an island with treasure that is not Treasure Island)!

Imagine the passengers just happen to have some retired pirates within their ranks! What are the chances?

Well, in a Tinsel Turmoil production, the chances are high. Pirates meet Italians head on within the PIRATES OF THE CARBONARA! And even the audience get a chance to sing. What could possibly go wrong?



Alice falls asleep and enters the dreamy world of Panto Land. Expecting to be in Wonderland, Alice encounters Princesses, Villains and Idiots from a range of well-known pantomimes. With set pieces to allow extra people to be involved, expect all the old jokes and more ( a pun fight at the tea party), audience participation (which villain is worse) and foolish capers galore. The ending is the most predictable ever - it was all a dream. But for the audience...a nightmare!! 




King Rat has taken over many cities of the world and a new fairy is appointed to find someone to rid London of the menace. In Nether Dumpling in the Marsh there lives Dick Whittington and his cat, Boris. Boris is allergic to fur! Dick makes his way to London to find his fortune and finds love as well! King Rat sends Dick, Dolly and Boris to Morocco on a ship. Whilst there, Dick finds the solution to all the rat problems. The Sultan rewards him and Dick returns in triumph to London where he is made Lord Mayor! Great fun for all the family with all the usual poor jokes, set pieces, audience participation and a load of bells! Enjoy!!




Old Deuteronomy (the cat) narrates the tail/tale of Puss in Boots. The story starts with the tragedy of Dora Dumpling's husband dying and leaving his three sons all his worldy goods - a mill, donkey and cart...and a cat! The story weaves its way through dozens of old jokes to a happy ending. Encountering Count Crusher(the sausage loving ogre) , King Periwinkle and his family, the nasty Miss Whiskers and visiting Amsterdam, Africa and the Royal palace...PUSS IN BOOTS provides good, clean fun for a family audience. Plenty of calling out, laughs(hmm) and fun with muddled twins, shocks, tragedy, comedy and a guaranteed happy ending. Like the sound of it? Oh yes you do!!



Blackbeard the pirate is causing chaos and has got hold of a treasure map! Robinson Crusoe needs to stop him! With crazy story lines that take you under the sea, into France (Inspector Clouseau - not Crusoe) and to an island with a beach rapper called Friday...this is great entertainment for all the family. Old jokes, audience participation, opportunities for dance and song, fun for everyone. A main cast of ten characters wobble their way through a nautical script. Will Fiona and Robinson ever get married? Will Captain Crabsticks sink yet another boat? Will Clouseau prove to be clueless? Will the audience get seasick?


Maiden voyage performed by Junior School in Southampton (cast of 300!). Huge success - the audience laughed all the way. Script available now for you to enjoy.



All jokes are Victorian or unintentional as this pantomime tries to encourage people today to consider others. Scrooge and a host of other Dickensian characters play out the show (loosely based on Christmas Carol) and the audience are asked to consider how they could make poverty history. 15 characters, one set, plenty of set pieces for you to use choirs, dancers etc to make your show very special.



Brian has no talent and asks Santa Claus to get him some for Christmas. In his search he encounters Stavros & Flatley, the judges and a whole host of crazy characters before discovering that he does have talent after all. Great fun when first performed by over 300 children in a school hall!



Pirates everywhere with the most disorganized bunch led by Long John Silver. The jokes are worse than ever and the treasure is disappointing to say the very least!!



More crazy characters try to retell the story of Peter Pan but Alf Warning and Sid Down do their utmost to prevent it! Captain Hook must wear a cork on his hook! Tinkerbelle cannot throw magic dust! Have fun - if the Health/safety reps allow it!!



Genies, corny jokes, audience participation – it’s panto time! Oh yes it is!!



4 girls all end up as the Princess. 4 boys don't want to kiss any of the girls to wake them up! Maleficent could win!! Music and mayhem in this new version of a traditional story with all the ingredients of a fun-filled pantomime. And you put in your own surprise ending!!!



PORCINA is trying to bring junk food onto the school menus! JOE is unaware of the danger that he and the dinner ladies face while on a training course. Fitness training, food hygiene, playground games and the dreaded wet playtime all have to be passed!



“No name” is bored and going nowhere. If No name can solve various riddles he will be allowed to meet the Wizard of Teaching. A fast- moving roller coaster trip around the world in the company of a scarecrow, lion and tin man!



A surprise ending involving Fairy Liquid, Prince Dustin Dyson, Dr. Whoover and others. As an obsessive cleaner, our heroine looks unlikely to marry a prince… but a happy ending is guaranteed for her. But not for the Ugly Sisters! Great fun for everyone



Bailiffs, Claribelle the cow, Widow Cleaner, Odorous Egg and Snufflegobbler are ably assisted by the talking beans and Mr Bean!



All the usual “Sword in the Stone” characters but with a new plot that has Madam Mim trying to get the valuable stone out of King Arthur’s sword.



A sequel to the original story with many of the same characters striving to find the missing stone from the sword!



A Victorian style melodrama with a science theme for Christmas!



Can Ivor Reader and his classmates fend off the Word Mangler Gang as they destroy the English language?


ALI BABA + 40 thieves

Can Ian “Diana” Jones rescue our heroes from behind the rock? Open Sesame – for the latest whacky panto!



A wonderful nautical story with Captain Hook, the Pirate King and many others. A love story that even sends our hero to the Octopus’ garden beneath the waves. Good opportunities for choir items.



Robin Hood, Nurse Tickle, Maid Marian and a nasty Sheriff all steer us through a traditional tale set in Sherwood Forest where even Morris the Traveller is not all that he appears.



A country will fall prey to its enemies unless Dave Digit can solve the mystery of the Millennium Puzzle.



With a Hollywood feel throughout, the cast struggle to stage their film whilst a bungling killer lurks in the wings. Dancers desperately try to get in on the film set and the stunt man risks life and limb until we have a “take”.

The drama packs in a little more detail:



Mint spies

One star hotel

Halo Halo



Taxing the brain (Luke 2:1-7)

Family planning (Luke 2:1-7)

Donkey’s Ears (Luke 2:1-20)

Mrs. Shepherd (Luke 2:13-20)

Horrid King Herod (Matthew 2)

The 4th Wise Man (Matthew 2)



A merry gentleman

Holly, Anthea, Ivy

Good King Wenceslas

Nice little town

Three kings

Harold Angel


CHRISTMAS TIME (on your hands)

Advance warning (Isaiah 9)

Animal Tales (Luke 2; Isaiah 9)

Looking sheepish (Luke 2:8-20)

Christmas shocking (Luke 1 & 2)

What a gift (Matthew 2)



Batting an eyelid(Luke 12:33-34)

From Rusher to Love (Luke 10:38-42)

Scraps (Luke 16:18)

One good turn (Luke 5:17-26)



Good day (Creation);

Rap of Lamb (lost sheep);

Baa Baa-wah! (lost sheep);

Clink clink (lost coin);

Wow now! (Christmas to Easter);

Hole (paralysed man);

Bigger than that (David/Goliath);

Steady on (Gideon);

Walls are higher –(Nehemiah)



Changing hands(Matthew 21:1-11)

Hang ups (Luke 19:1-10)

Left Overs (Matthew 14:13-21)

Missing person (Luke 2:41)



Poles apart (Acts 12:1-19)

Matters (Matthew 8)

That’s Saul Folks! (Acts 9:1-19)

King Neb! (Jeremiah)

Fish and ships (Mark 6:30-44)



Wish you were here

Cheque point (Matthew 6:19-21)

Look right (1 Samuel 16:7)

Party invitations (Matthew 22)



Sorted! (Genesis 7)

Catching a colt (Luke 19:28-35)

Ewe Lost! (Matthew 18:12-14)

Can you guess what it is yet? (Genesis 2:19)



Ask! (Matthew 7:7-11)

Race against time (John 10:10)

Dear Children (3:16)

Oooh aar baa (Luke 2:8-20)

Knock knock (Luke 2)

Ewe what? (Luke 2:8-20)



Little donkey (Matthew 21:1-11)

A clean sweep (Matthew 21:1-11)

Dicing with death (Matthew 27:35)

Easter Enders (the Easter story)

Cave in (Luke 24)

MISTLETOE and RHYME - 8 stories and poems for the audience to respond to if required. Often a key word demands an action. Great for family services and school assemblies.

*All going to plan


*Taxes, taxes!

*Go, Joe, go!

*On a dark, dark night

*Wise men

*Mistletoe and Rhyme



SIX of the best - assembly stories for telling

*No arguing - a fun way to make the point that there are some things in life that are just not worth arguing about. Plenty of audience participation!

*Bored boy - an amusing story about a bored child - with a clever twist at the end

*Superkid - teachers are looking for the BEST pupil ever. Another tale with a surprising ending when Superkid is revealed.

*Hand in hand - a moving story of a Mother's sacrifice for the love of her child.

*Troubles - a true story of a dog on a beach. Troubles can just appear from anywhere!

*Barriers - stories of prejudice related to ordinary school/home life. A challenge for those who listen.


ANOTHER HALF DOZEN - six more assembly stories for telling

*Sick child - children sometimes feign illness! This child finds a cure

*Badges - what are the "invisible" badges that we wear that describe us best?

*A Fruity tale - a child's dream where fruit argue with him and he needs pruning!

*Big Mouth! - two stories about animals that talk too much - but are they really animals or us?

*The Journey - a man on a journey shows his trust in God

*The unexpected Choice - the story of Elizabeth Fry and how anyone may be used to do good works