HALO HALO – sketches based on the Christmas story


CHRISTMAS CAMELS – 6 sketches that retell the Nativity story


WASHING THEIR SOCKS BY NIGHT – a set of sketches linked to seasonal carols and music


CHRISTMAS TIME (on your hands) – short, snappy sketches for puppets or children to perform


LUKE LIVELY – 4 sketches based on the Gospel of Luke


TALKING TO YOURSELF – four easy to perform monologues


MIRACLES – good for groups of youngsters to perform


FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE – 4 sketches based on Heaven


HERD IT IN THE BIBLE – sketches based around animals in the Bible


JUST KIDDING – sketches for or with children


RIBBONS – containing the popular and moving Palm Sunday sketch plus other ideas with ribbons


EASTER ENDERS – 5 imaginative sketches based on the Easter story


MISTLETOE and RHYME A set of 8 rhyming stories and poems on a Christmas theme. Needs little preparation. Audience can join with words or actions if required.


SIX OF THE BEST – 6 assembly stories


ANOTHER HALF DOZEN – 6 more simple stories for assemblies


ALL JOIN IN – 9 stories/poems that you perform and the audience join in with word and/or action. Great fun!




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WORD versions:

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Email versions of pantomimes cost £35 and are sent on receipt of a cheque made payable to "Richard Cole". These WORD versions can be "rewritten" by you to suit your needs.

A printed version may be available through AMAZON. Search using TINSEL TURMOIL to find currently available titles.



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