About the packs and Pantos

If you have a group of people in your organisation that want to perform in an assembly, service or meeting then DECADE DRAMA has plenty for you!


If it is just you then we have MONOLOGUES too! TALKING TO YOURSELF does just that plus there are monologues scattered through many of the other packs.


What about getting your audience to join in with the stories you tell? ALL JOIN IN, MISTLETOE and RHYME have interactive elements to enjoy and use to get across your message.



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Tinsel turmoil productions (the posh name for my pantos!) follow a well tried format for schools. Each pantomime has 10-15 main characters and the script lasts just under an hour usually. There are around 25 pages of script. As the script progresses there are opportunities for set pieces to be included. In schools this may mean that the oldest pupils take the main parts and then classes/year groups/ choirs etc can appear for a 10/15 minute extravaganza. The scripts offer ideas for what might take place at these points in the show. They can be omitted or added to for you will have the right to adapt each panto to suit your needs. Similarly you will probably want to put in a few local jokes to make your show extra special. Have fun in the tinsel turmoil!