"Decade drama has a whole range of drama sketches for you to use. The latest script is "CINDERELLA (unmasked)".
 Pantomimes now available from Amazon as books or Kindles! 



Hello ...and welcome to the website for DECADE DRAMA!

If you are looking for sketches for school assemblies, youth clubs or church services or fancy one of the crazy TINSEL TURMOIL pantomimes then you are in the right place! Why not try the latest pantomime: PIRATES of the CARBONARA!?


Pantomimes are also available from AMAZON. Search for TINSEL TURMOIL and purchase direct (more titles being added regularly).


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Pantomimes are now available from Amazon. 

Kindle versions too!


Search: Tinsel Turmoil

If you prefer an email WORD version direct from the author:

DRAMA PACKS - from £8             PANTOMIMES - from £35

No hidden costs, performance fees etc. Buy it and it is yours!

You can even change it and make it relevant to your own setting!



Thank you for taking an interest in my work. Most of the PANTOMIMES (originally written for schools) can be easily adapted to suit your needs because, once you have bought it, you can do what you want with it!





The majority of DRAMA PACKS are Bible based and often contain humour with a simple message. They have been used in the UK and across parts of the World by schools, churches and other groups who want something quick and easy to perform. Enjoy!